Rain Forest - Sonido Alegre
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 Sonido Alegre 

Our shows Take You to Exotic

Places Around the World!

Sonido Alegre concerts are an experience. They tantalize the imagination.  The music will transport you to scenic places around the world.  From the warm beaches of the Mediterranean Riviera to Mexico or to the romantic scenery of the Irish coast and the rain forest of the Amazon, their music will take you on a unique journey.  Audiences delight in the infectious melodies layered over hypnotic rhythms that create an atmosphere of musical storytelling.


The accomplished group of musicians is lead by guitarist, Charles Guy, who demonstrates a mastery of the classical guitar.  The violin is performed by Linda Powers who adds a gypsy flavor and lush vocal harmonies.  Renown bassist, Donnie Yance employs multiple bass techniques to provide the bridge between rhythm and melody.  Finally, versatile and sought after drummer, David Bolen and percussionist, Theresa McCoy add a percussive texture and infectious grooves that make Sonido Alegre irresistibly exciting, entertaining, romantic and fun!

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